Blockchain Certification


Certification is awarded after successfully completing the course requirements.

Wayne State University


December 2, 2019

No Credit Check, No Additional Fees, No Pre-Approval

Pay over 3 weeks – two installment payments.
Payment one: 50% up front.
Payment two: 50% due 3 weeks from payment one.

As a professional, blockchain can significantly change how your company conducts business. Whether you want to talk intelligently about blockchain in a business setting or implement blockchain solutions that can revolutionize your business – this course gives you the information that you need.

Most people associate blockchain technology with Bitcoin, but currency-based solutions represent only a small part of its functionality. In this six-week course, you will learn myriad applications of blockchain – and that it provides a highly secure, transparent database that can dramatically improve workflow security and efficiency in fields such as healthcare, banking, identity management, real estate, and supply chain. By capturing data that is encrypted, inalterable, and visible to all involved parties, blockchain is uniquely suited to industries in which version control is essential. After taking this course, you will be poised to create transformative blockchain solutions in your own career.

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