Amesite Inc. Improves The Way The World Learns Through AI
February 22, 2021

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Education is the backbone of society. However, after The World Health Organization (WHO) recommended social distancing, many schools and businesses had to temporarily close to containing the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Before the current crisis, many resisted the adoption of digital transformation. But the pandemic demanded virtual delivery of nearly every experience, including the way we learn.

It seems e-learning could become the norm, and models of learning need to improve and adapt to accomplish higher learning engagement, greater impact, immersive learning experiences and cost-efficiency, all without compromising quality.

Amesite Inc., an artificial intelligence (AI) software company, aims to improve the way the world learns through its cutting-edge technology and up-to-date services for learners everywhere.

Bringing Businesses, Schools and Universities into the Digital Age

Recent studies have shown that the e-learning market will likely reach $375 billion by 2026. All learning communities — educational institutions, businesses and nonprofits — need customized and scalable online learning products in a single, easy-to-use format.

Amesite's model improves the user experience online and claims it can help any organization make their online experience as enjoyable as shopping online. The company can do custom, enterprise-wide work like that in The Henry Ford Museum and technical programs at Wayne State University.

What are companies looking for?

Companies today look for custom e-learning services to improve their strategies as well as team performance. Learning online is the most efficient way now to upscale adaptation and development.

Amesite's fully-managed enterprise learning platform and customized courses enable the delivery of job-specific certifications for your staff quickly and efficiently. The company's AI-backed platform keeps employees on track.

What are universities and K-12 schools looking for?

Amesite helps to launch customized, scalable online learning products to reach every learner continuously through growing the instructional markets and impact of every institution.

Amesite has a fully-managed strategic online training, upskilling and learning platform and a learning strategy that tracks progress, delivers notifications and solves enterprise problems. This ensures any education institution can use data to help build strategy going forward.

Amesite's Technology Platform Advantages

  • Amesite has a technology-driven platform and a cloud-based, single-threaded, single-page application built on tools used by many high-end platforms, including Netflix and PayPal.
  • It can integrate easily with existing tools and systems.
  • Amesite offers auto-scaling and reliable cloud infrastructure that is reconfigurable to accommodate new business, with end-to-end security. Hosting is handled by Amesite, so all products are auto-scaling and out-of-the-box — there's no additional complexity for the customer.
  • Amesite does not share data with third parties or advertisers.

Corporate Highlights

  • Led by a great team of professionals, including CEO and Founder Ann Marie Sastry, Amesite is in a fast-growing sector and in a position for rapid growth.
  • Last year the company closed a deal in line with its plan to scale up in K-12 schools with the Peru Central School District through the Boards of Cooperative Educational System (BOCES) of New York State.
  • The company can launch in 24 hours with customization at a low cost.
  • The company has invested $28 million to date.
  • Earlier this year, it received two awards from the National Association for Business Resources, naming it one of the country's best places to work and a top leader in wellness.
  • Amesite announced an expansion of its partnership with Wayne State University, Michigan's third-largest institution of higher learning through its six-week online, AI-powered certification courses covering autonomous vehicle technologies, data science, electric vehicle (EV) technologies, mobility as a service and programming for autonomous systems.

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