Solutions For K-12

Get a complete learning community environment customized for you and your learners.

Reduce administrative work and training. No IT department necessary.

How Amesite Solves Key Problems in K-12 Learning

Complicated multi-click platform solutions that require weeks, even months of training for teachers.

Get a solution that can be learned in minutes — with a platform designed to be no more than two clicks deep — ever — that gets you teaching and learning with speed and efficiency.

Stale, outdated interface design that is boring for students and leaves them unengaged and learning at a very slow pace.

Attract and keep students engaged with social media inspired interface design and the most up-to-date content.

Deliver courses with best-in-class compliance & security

Deploy learning without giving data to third parties, ever.

Enabling you to achieve more through our best platform and services

High Engagement – Social media inspired interface design attracts students and keeps them engaged.

Allow your instructors and students to interact and engage with eachother using upvotes and endorsements.

Gain first-class communication tools with built-in video conferencing and messaging functionality.

Skip training all together with intuitive interface design.

Automation – Give instructors access to the best tech—reducing their admin work and accommodating to any curriculum

Free up instructor time with assessments that are auto-graded and auto-released to learners and parents.

Optimize courses to your learners needs with reminders and notifications that are automated using AI.

Access an on-demand AI powered article feed built to equip you with the latest content and resources.

Sophisticated Grade Book – Customizable, histogram style grade books created by teachers, for teachers.

Provide your students with the best educational experience possible using our skills-based grading features.

Download grade books and reports in .xls format for ease of use.

View grades at student, assessment and class levels for the granularity you desire.

Data Analytics – Analyze trends with 24/7 dashboards, and autogenerated daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly reports

Track learner progress and get insight on course corrections that work.

Make informed decisions while helping your students succeed with actionable, real-time analytics.

Break down analytics at student, class or grade level to obtain the granularity you need.

What Our Customers Say

“It’s absolutely imperative that we offer courses that prepare our children for the future, which will require that we innovate in our curricula. We also want to use the best available technology to offer existing courses and to make them more engaging. We’ve heard from teachers, parents, and students that better tech was needed regardless of whether we are full or part-time distance learning in the next school year. We appreciate the clean design, ease of use and technical capabilities of the Amesite platform, and are pleased and committed to using it in our STEM and workforce programs, to support our teachers and students with the best technology available.”

-Dr. Thomas Palmer, Superintendent, Peru Central School District, New York

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