Fitness, Nutrition & Wellness: FAQ

What is the time commitment?

In addition to making changes in your everyday life, which will increase the time you spend on fitness, meals, relationships and mindfulness (which will be assisted by the guidance and support), people should expect to spend between 1-5 hours / week on the platform learning, reading, and engaging in discussions.

Are the instructors available at certain times?

Yes, if you arrange a time to talk or interact by video. Typically, instructors will arrange times that they are available—and for convenience, most engagement is asynchronous, as it is on FB, Twitter, Reddit, Quora and the like. The difference is that the course is run by experts.

If I know I'll miss a week can I double up the week before?

Sure! Just let your instructor know what you need by messaging them on the platform—instructors control due dates right on the platform!

How personal is the course?

As personal as you make it. We encourage people to share information as long as it does not violate the privacy of others, in order to speed their health journey. It's often surprising to students courageous enough to ask a question, just how many other people had the same question!

And, the goals are set by you, for you. Some courses are focused on getting everyone to run a 5k, or to be in a class at a certain time. But we know that for fitness, some people like to: jump rope...swim...ride pushups...etc.! For nutrition, some people like: kale...or spinach...or tomatoes...or carrots...or roast chicken...or roast cauliflower! And for wellness, some people like: yoga...meditation...long walks...long baths...And and all of them are just great! So we encourage each person, with some guidance, to monitor activities that suit their interests and fitness, and then we help them build more activity, mindfulness and healthful eating into each of their lives!

Will it be like having a private coach?

Better. We are working together, as an expert health and expert technology team, to bring the latest qualified science to you, and combine it with group learning. You'll learn how to build healthful activities into your life—and through your peers—learn about elements that work for others, and hopefully, the people you love!

Tell me how the instructors will instruct me.

Instructors will post articles, start discussions and answer questions on the platform. They will answer specific 1:1 messages as well.

Is the interaction only via online messages or will there be face to face interaction? ­­­­

The platform has the capability to store videos and allow users to conduct video chats. You can arrange a video chat with an instructor or even a peer, with mutual agreement.

What specifically will I learn?

The facts about the impact of fitness, nutrition and wellness—from the core science to the latest findings. You'll learn how to combine activities, shop better, live more mindfully and also work to create better relationships.

What equipment is needed? Weights? Yoga mat?

Whatever you already have—or none! If you can't think of an activity that fits your goals and interests, our instructors will help you.

This seems pricey. I'm not used to spending money on stuff like this. Seems like this is for young people who are.

Not at all! You'll pay much more for just a few sessions with a fitness coach of any type! And here, you get instruction, support, peer interactions and holistic advice. So when you complete the course, you'll have charted a better course for your life.

Do I have to be computer savvy?

Nope! There is an instructional video at the beginning—as long as you have a computer, tablet or phone with a web browser, you're good to go! And if you need help, The Team at Amesite (where customer service gets a 4/5 rating) are happy to get on a phone call with you, to get you going!

If I do this with a group of friends is there a discount?

Yes! Bring a friend and get 10% off! For groups greater than 4, get 15% off for everyone in the group!

How will I know I am doing things the right way? i.e. exercises

There are many ways! You can create a video (we'll show you how) or set up a video chat! There are also many videos that we can and will share on how to do certain exercises that we're asked about!