Solutions For COVID-19

Return to work with an analytics platform.

Make good decisions during reopening.

How Amesite Solves Key Problems in Returning to Work after COVID

Companies lack the data and tools to bring their teams back to work safely and effectively

Get turn-key technology solutions. The technology exists TODAY for you to bring your teams back into the office with ease and peace of mind.

Strategies to re-open are new to everyone and can seem overwhelming

Partner with an industry leader in analytics. Actionable, real-time analytics allowing you to make informed decisions on getting your team back to work.

Tracking and analyzing the employee data management needs to make informed decisions can seem invasive and make employees uncomfortable

Choose best-in-class compliance & security. We never share data with third parties – we only use data to improve learning.

Enabling you to achieve more through our best platform and services

Data Analytics – Analyze trends over time with daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly reports

Track employee progress and run comprehensive reports.

Break down analytics at enterpise, division, job class, or employee level for the granularity you need.

Make informed decisions on getting your team back to work with actionable, real-time analytics.

Customizable Dashboards – Content curation from reliable sources that you control

Gain first-class communication tools with built-in video conferencing and messaging functionality.

Broadcast important information to your team on a platform branded to you.

Analyze trends over time – using customizable dashboards that instantly updates you with employee statuses.

Deliver with best-in-class compliance & security – Deploy learning without giving data to third parties or advertisers, ever.

Choose a platform that only uses data to improve learning for it's users.

Get back to work comfortably and confidently, knowing that your team's data are in good hands.

What Our Customers Say

“As businesses and facilities bring employees back to the workplace, safety and confidence is of top importance to them. Automotive firms have to face this new challenge to efficiently manage COVID 19 related decisions and communications within their existing operations. We know that modern technology can really help us with this challenge – and this platform enables the coordination of data and permissions to coordinate various existing systems and sources of information onto one platform. Our knowledge of automotive systems will allow us to educate the industry and to help implement this low-cost solution quickly. It is built with a best-in-class toolkit, is fully scalable and incorporates award-winning technology.”

-Kristin Slanina, CTO, Thirdware

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