Your Patrons Are Watching Your Museum's Videos on YouTube: Is It Time to Deliver Your Own Content?
September 23, 2022

Attracting the attention of people on YouTube can help museums and other public organizations educate and introduce themselves to new audiences. However, the majority of revenue generated from the unique content you create goes directly to YouTube. By shifting to delivering the same content on a platform built for engagement, museums can attract and retain. This allows you to increase targeted engagement and produce revenue that can help it grow and succeed.

1. How YouTube Works – Content and Revenue

The most popular video-sharing platform in the world offers copious amounts of content and the opportunity for individuals and organizations to share with others. With 1.7 billion individuals visiting every month, YouTube seems like the best option for your content-sharing strategies [1]. However, viewers tend to stay on YouTube and consume one video to the next from a variety of content creators.

2. Create Revenue and Interest With a White-label Solution

How can a museum deliver its own content to optimize revenue and build engagement with the institution? Utilizing a custom-branded – or white-labeled – SaaS platform offers an impressive list of benefits for both the organization itself and the audience eager for information, education, and entertainment.

Developers who create these types of pre-built or built-in software can specifically tailor the system for specific needs. The global spending on custom software solutions has topped $466 billion and continues to grow every year [2]. In order to avoid wasting any part of the investment, it is important to understand how to select the best option from the start. Adoption of the wrong type of content management solution can lead to not only financial losses but also a loss of target audience engagement and retention.

3. Expertise Matters – Choose a Trusted Partner

YouTube is undoubtedly the most widely used online video content provider. However, working with a skilled and experienced SaaS partner who understands the specific needs of museums or other public goods provides targeted benefits. A full 99% of businesses already use SaaS applications for diverse purposes from day-to-day operations to marketing and beyond [3].

Use-case-specific solutions and software make everything run more smoothly – and cater directly to the needs of the institution and its users. When it comes to the creation and sharing of educational video content, it doesn’t makes sense to rely on a team whose intention is to generate revenue solely for themselves. Every museum needs expert whose goals are aligned with their own – bolstering their digital presence, creating high-quality experiences for their patrons, and increasing revenue.

The Conner Prairie Learning Portal, powered by Amesite, offers K-12 programs for students, parents, and educators on the latest technology. This custom solution provides user-friendly digital formats with interactive virtual tours, video content, and more.

If your organization wants to learn more about Amesite’s white-label or branded systems specifically designed for museums, universities, and more, get a demo today.




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