Why use Amesite?

When it comes to online learning, it’s important for colleges to have courses that can adapt to our technology-driven world. That’s why our mission at Amesite is to change the way the world learns, catering to different types of learners while also giving them classes that are transferable. Our courses use AI to give students and instructors an exceptional online learning experience. But why should you use Amesite? Here are 6 reasons.
1. Our focus is on first-year courses.
Everyone has to take first-year classes. It’s an essential part of the college experience. That also means that first-year classes are one of the biggest markets in higher education, which is why that’s Amesite’s focus. Our goal is to develop mass-customized, lower-cost versions of common courses that many students can benefit from. The truth is that there are a lot of underwhelming online courses out there—and they aren’t adjustable. These courses can be expensive, and they’re not always transferable.
2. Our courses are launched online, which allows for new markets.
With our online platform, Amesite reaches a wider, broader audience. Students are online these days, of course, so we want to meet them where they are so they can find the online classes they need. There’s also the opportunity to use social media for commentary—and social media is something that many young adults love. There are also opportunities for reviews, which are beneficial to those seeking online education.
3. We have a strategy for building market share.
Another reason to use Amesite is our strategy for building market share. There are multiple areas in which it’s important to build credibility and spread the word, which is why we market both within each segment of learning and to the colleges themselves. Students might be looking for potential opportunities to learn either by researching a particular school, or they might be looking within the subject area they’re interested in. Our goal is that they can find our courses through both methods of search.
4. We use AI to help students connect their learning with the real world.
It can be frustrating for students when it’s difficult to see the application of the material they’re learning in the real world. That’s why Amesite classes use artificial intelligence (AI) to help users match what they’re learning to what they’re living. We want students to be able to have a customized experience where they can see their life in what they’re learning.
5. Our AI helps the instructors.
The benefits of Amesite’s AI don’t just stop at the students. The instructors too can gain from it. Our automated platform allows faculty to issue reminders via cloud-based email and SMS messages. Communication is easy, and the instructors can spend less time sending the necessary reminders or messages to students and instead focus on teaching.
Amesite also has auto-grading algorithms and designs, so instructors don’t have to spend as much time on tedious grading and correcting. AI can help them so they can, once again, spend more time focusing on teaching and less time focusing on the “administrative” side of things.
6. Partners don’t have to change their existing infrastructure.
Another perk to using Amesite is that partners don’t have to change their existing infrastructure. Our system is meant to work with you, and it’s made so that it can be scaled. We want to make it as easy as possible for our partners to start to use Amesite courses. There’s no messy overhaul of what you already have in place.
For more information about our courses, Amesite College, Amesite Professional, and Amesite Life, check out this page. Feel free to contact us by emailing [email protected].