Why is Statistics an Important College Class?

Many college students are hesitant about math and math classes. While some students love math and enjoy learning about different topics within the subject, others aren’t such fans of math. Classes like statistics might make you skeptical. What do you learn in statistics? And why is it so important? Why should you sign up to take an online statistics class? We’re going to go over the topics covered by Amesite’s online statistics class and explain why statistics is an important subject to consider. What do you learn in a college statistics class?  Our partner, Humphreys University, is offering a beginning course in statistics — powered by Amesite. The class requires college-level algebra proficiency as a prerequisite, as the skills learned in algebra can be very helpful when learning statistics.  Our online statistics class goes over many topics to give a rounded understanding of the subject. Some of the different topics that are included and covered in the course include…

  • Confidence intervals
  • Chi-square tests
  • Linear regression and correlation
  • Describing sets of data
  • Probability
  • Probability distributions of discrete and continuous random variables
  • Measures of central tendency and variability
  • The Poisson
  • Binomial and normal distributions of probability
  • Hypothesis testing 
  • Sampling techniques and regression and correlation
  • Inferences from large and small samples 

It’s okay if this all sounds like a bunch of big words and mathematical jargon. It is. But as you go through the course and cover different topics, it’ll all come together and start making sense. There are plenty of reasons why it’s important to take the time to study and learn all of these different concepts, which is why we include them in our online statistics class.  Why is statistics an important college course to take?  There are many reasons that statistics is a significant online class to take. Even if you’re not a “math person”, you can still glean a lot from a statistics class. It’s not just for people who want to be statisticians.  Some of the reasons to consider an online statistics class are...

  1. It’s a building block for other maths and sciences.

Statistics is an important subject to study because other subjects can build off of it. It allows sciences and maths to exist and for data to be organized and described in a way that makes sense. Concepts like probability and hypothesis testing that are covered in the online statistics course can be used in many different fields. 

  1. Statistics helps you learn to think like a scientist.

Taking statistics can also help you learn to think in a certain way. It can help train your mind to think about how data is organized, hypotheses, and what samples of data mean. The skill sets that you practice and apply in a statistics class can be transferred and used in many different subject areas. 

  1. Taking a statistics class helps you get more comfortable around numbers. 

Statistics can help you learn to get comfortable with interpreting numbers and sets of data. We live in a world that depends on technology and data, so it’s important that you know the theories behind statistics so that you can interpret data. 

  1. Statistics is used in lots of different industries. 

Gathering and interpreting data isn’t limited to the field of statistics. A lot of fields use statistics to help make decisions, further goals, and even do business. Having an understanding of how to analyze data can serve you well in a lot of different industries, wherever you end up wanting to work. Numbers are everywhere, after all, and with computers making it easy for us to track and record data and information, statistics is a good thing to understand.  At Amesite, our statistics class is designed to take you through many important topics within the subject. Statistics is a good class to take because it can help you learn how to organize, interpret, and analyze data.