What Makes Amesite Different from Other Learning Platforms?

Learners today are overwhelmed with options when it comes to continuing their education. It can be stressful and anxiety-inducing to select which educational option is right for you when most current learning platforms are built using a one-size-fits-none approach. Amesite understands that each learner is unique and we treat them accordingly. We built our platform on the idea of allowing learners to build their degree, their way, at their own pace. At Amesite, we don’t want to weed people out, we want to lift people up! This approach sets us apart from incumbents in the industry along with our ground-breaking technology.

Artificial Intelligence
Amesite uses artificial intelligence (AI) to incorporate relevant current events and help learners achieve their goals by creating a personalized, engaging learning experience. Our technology connects what people are learning to what they are living, and this feature has become a favorite of both learners and instructors! Amesite has automated much of the administrative work that faculty must do on incumbent learning platforms, allowing faculty to focus on sharing their subject-matter expertise with learners.

Engaging, Affordable, Accessible
At Amesite, we believe that engagement precedes learning, and have created a platform and technologies to foster engagement between learners and the course instructor. Our goal is for Amesite users to feel as if they are a part of a community of learners, not trudging through static, out-dated content on their own. Over 30 percent of college learners work more than thirty hours per week. Nearly 25 percent of college learners work full-time and attend college full-time. Our platform allows learners to complete their course work when convenient for them, and at their own pace. Student loan debt is over 1.5 trillion dollars in the United States. Amesite provides affordable classes that are loved by our users, respected by universities, and trusted by government

Courses for every stage of life
At Amesite, we believe that learning is a life-long pursuit, and that people of all ages and skill levels should be able to further their education affordably, accessibly, and on a platform that leverages the technologies powering the world’s largest companies. An educational experience needs to be more like our other internet experiences — personalized and engaging.

For our Amesite College offerings, we partner with colleges and universities to deliver students an array of important, dynamic courses from Introductory Psychology to Micro and Macro Economics. These courses provide real college credit that can be transferred to other institutions, and we are transparent with learners about where their credits will transfer!

For our Amesite Professional products, we enable users to access cutting-edge technologies from experts, who tailor advice to learners’ specific fields. Our offerings range from Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity, to Logistics and Lean Six Sigma, allow professionals to upskill in the areas that are shaping their fields.

Our Amesite Life products are built to help provide people with valuable knowledge to move their lives forward! We offer courses on Fitness, Nutrition and Wellness as well as Personal Finance, with instruction from experienced lifestyle and financial professionals.

Our mission at Amesite is to improve the way the world learns. Every learner has different goals, learning styles, and schedules, and we have built a platform to personalize the learning journey for each learner! Whether you are looking to pursue college credits affordably and at your own pace, looking to upskill in the technologies that are changing the world, or learn valuable life skills, Amesite has something for you.