The Benefits of Creating a Diverse Workforce  
June 27, 2021

The best workforce is a diverse workforce. A diversity initiative is not only beneficial for the equality movement but also for a business's bottom line. With diversity comes many benefits derived from innovation and new ideas or perspectives essential factors for driving growth.  

There is a culture of respect and an understood value around the differences that each employee brings to the company in a diverse workplace. A diverse workplace is inclusive and provides equal opportunities for all employees. A company that values its employees' different views and ideas and hires with diversity in mind will reap the benefits [1].  

Benefits of a diverse workplace include: 

  • Increased productivity 
  • Increased creativity
  • Improved cultural awareness 
  • Higher revenue 

A diverse workforce provides a diverse set of skills, experiences, and perspectives. With these differences comes the formation of better processes and ideas. These result in the potential for increased productivity [2]. By diversifying the workplace, your company can avoid groupthink. This is a phenomenon where people begin to think and act like those around them. This can be damaging to innovation which values different ideas and solutions to problems. Groupthink can stifle productivity in a major way. Diversity is a great way to curb this phenomenon. By employing people with vastly different backgrounds and experiences, groupthink can be avoided, and benefits like productivity are persevered [3].  

A diverse workforce also results in increased creativity. With different backgrounds come different views and perspectives. Solving problems becomes easier when there is an increased level of creativity amongst a team. Additionally, having creative discourse can inspire team members to find innovative solutions that could not be reached without collaboration [4].  

Diversity is incredibly important to companies that have a global presence. A company that values diversity and cultural awareness will greatly benefit on the world stage. A workplace that represents a diverse range of cultures allows smoother navigation in the global marketplace with nuanced cultural knowledge. It also enables employees to understand cultural differences they were previously unaware of. Cultural diversity is a huge asset to companies that value respectful cultural exchange with their global partners. Having a diverse workplace can increase the cultural awareness of an entire workforce [5].  

Diversity has measurable and impressive benefits on revenue. For example, a Boston Consulting Group survey of employees in 1,700 companies found that  those with more diverse management teams earn 19% more revenue [6]. This is a massive increase in revenue which is attributed to simply diversifying your workforce. Additionally, a McKinsey & Company survey reports that companies  with more ethnically diverse executive teams are 33% more likely to see higher profitability [7].  

To maximize diversity benefits, it is advantageous to follow up with  inclusivity at all levels of decision-making. If inclusivity initiatives follow diversity, massive benefits are seen. In fact, inclusive teams make better business decisions up to 87% of the time, they also make decisions twice as fast with half the meetings, and these  decisions delivered 60% better results [8].  

How Can Your Company Launch an Online Learning Platform for Your Employees to Maximize your Diversity Initiative? 

Having a diverse workforce can provide incredible benefits to your company. To maximize these benefits, upskilling employees on diversity and inclusion in the workforce can prove beneficial. These topics as well as other workforce training courses can be provided to your employees by partnering with an online learning platform and course provider.  

Here are key elements that online learning platforms need to provide value to your company and employees:   

  • Custom branded platform and courses that are uniquely relevant to your workforce  
  • Engaging delivery methods that keep employees actively learning  
  • AI and advanced data capabilities for better learning outcomes and insights 
  • Positive user experience and high retention rate  
  • Turn-key systems capable of immediate implementation with no learning curve  

Don't underestimate the importance of harnessing diversity and inclusion initiatives in the workforce. Partner and educate your workforce today! 

Amesite Offers a Single, Easy to Use, Scalable Solution   

Launch an upskilling program that educates your workforce and maximizes your diversity and inclusion initiatives.   

Amesite is the premier online learning ecosystem provider on the market today. We are well-positioned to provide your business with what it needs to prepare the workforce of the future. 

Amesite's platform is high-tech and AI-powered. We specialized in scalable, custom branded online learning environments and content curation to meet employer's unique needs and support the business's upskilling efforts. Artificial Intelligence drives some of the most compelling experiences on the internet, and Amesite brings these tools to education in a novel and transformative way. 

Amesite's platform offers excellent insights to learners and employers using advanced data analytics, unparalleled ease of use, features that build communication and engagement, and provides compelling custom content. 

Amesite's product is easy to acquire, use, scale, and offers: 

  • Deploy a fully managed and custom branded enterprise learning platform plus customized courses that enable you to deliver job-specific certifications quickly and efficiently for your staff.  
  • AI and machine learning integration to identify trends and make informed decisions while upskilling your teams with comprehensive data analytics and customizable dashboards.  
  • Attract and keep employees engaged with social media-inspired interface design and the most up-to-date content. Build employee networks that improve your organization's success.  

Amesite creates outstanding learning experiences delivered on its advanced platform, providing an excellent user experience for employees. Using AI and advanced analytics to provide fresh content creates an important context for learning. Coupled with outstanding services, these experiences deepen professionals' interest in subjects important to their company's goals.  Amesite's unprecedented retention rate in the enterprise sector is 100%.  

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