Open 24/7: How Digital Events and Clubs Are Changing Engagement in the Museum Experience
October 11, 2022

For a long time, the objective of any business or organization was to get people to visit their brick-and-mortar facility. In an age where we had to be in-person to connect and truly experience things, this was the obvious end goal. However, in the digital age, the possibilities for engaging customers are endless. Digital tools enable museums to generate new revenue streams by offering patrons around the world access to exclusive memberships, lectures, and events. With the right technology, your museum can reach patrons in every corner of the globe.

1. Museums Have More to Offer than YouTube

YouTube’s popularity is largely linked to its ease of access. People want easy access to information on topics that they care about. Museums also offer exciting information on engaging topics, but if your guests have to visit you in person, your potential is automatically limited. Using technology, museums can engage their audience and offer those important public goods that have been captivating audiences for generations.

One study found that 76% of customers or audience members prefer to have different channels to receive different messages—and most of those channels are digital [1]. 56% of companies stated that they expect the majority of their revenue to come from digital sources. Museums can utilize digital channels as well [2]!

2. Museum Programs Can Be Launched Using Technology

Museums should always be looking for new ways to catch the interest of potential patrons. Without generating interest, you can’t expect them to know what you have to offer. With the right technology, you can easily utilize technology-based programs that offer more features and greater access to patrons.

Already, people want high-quality technology experiences. Studies have found that 57% of customers won’t even recommend a business with a bad website [3]. For learning, which museums are based on, digital offerings are a clear solution. When asked, 52% of graduate students said their online college education provided a better learning experience and 95% of workforce learners said that they prefer to operate at their own learning pace – which is exactly what online solutions provide [4].

3. Partnerships in SaaS Are Essential for Good Programs

Current estimates show that 85% of all applications used by companies will be SaaS-based by 2025 [5]. SaaS-based applications are the future, which means all organizations need to make this jump to stay in line with current trends and avoid costly overhauls at a later date.

Finding the right partner to avoid poorly designed systems can be even more important. One study found that in the United States alone, poorly designed software has led to over half a billion hours in wasted work time [6]. The decisions that you make regarding your technology partners matter. You want to work with a trusted partner that will provide great solutions for your patrons.

The Takeaway

Museums provide valuable public goods and help to keep the passion for STEM and arts fields alive. Whether you’re looking to create captivating digital experiences or share information with a global community, we can help. At Amesite, we offer branded systems that allow museums to offer subscriptions, single-purchase events, and out-of-the-box solutions that patrons love. To learn how we partnered with Connor Prairie to serve a worldwide audience, check out our press release.







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