Key Considerations for Engaging OPMs in Learning and Development
June 14, 2022

Internet-based learning opportunities used by universities require unique developmental planning and execution not understood by ordinary classroom development teams. Online Program Managers (OPMs) offer everything from basic guidance to staff hiring and management to the creation of in-depth programs. The goal of transitioning traditional educational models to eLearning and distance classes has made this type of help more necessary than ever before. Here are three considerations for engaging partners that can help you get your programs online with efficiency and excellence.

1. Technology Makes Effective Delivery of eLearning Possible

When a University chooses a partner to develop online learning systems, they should focus on those who have the technological know-how and access to create something that goes far beyond a simple website. Delivery of educational content, interaction with other learners and instructors, secure delivery of work and exams, and engagement rely on the quality and configuration of the tech systems used. This industry, which aims toward $342 billion by 2025 continues to expand opportunities for diverse learners to learn better than ever before [1].

2. Choosing Expert Online Program Managers Matters

It is impossible to get exceptional results without partnering with an exceptional SaaS company. Although many cookie-cutter or do-it-yourself systems exist, an effective University eLearning experience cannot rely on these. You should choose an experienced and trusted Partner who can deliver the right technology. In the corporate world, 38% of companies rely on SaaS platforms [2]. Today, top universities also look to customize tech solutions to expand online learning for the greater benefit of all.

3. Disrupt Your Timeline with an Action-Oriented Partner

Technology and educational excellence matter. Speed also matters and this is a key consideration in choosing a Partner: you need a Partner who can execute quickly because they are designed to do so. If you cannot put your instructional product into action as soon as possible, generations of learners could miss out on the professional and personal development that is essential to their economic viability.

With maximum development times for a variety of eLearning opportunities ranging from 85 to nearly 700 hours, it is easy to see how speed matters when engaging the services of a Partner [3]. Why does it take so long to create university-level online learning programs? Often, it’s simply because online professional learning is relatively new compared to more traditional degree programs. With teaching schedules often built out 18-24 months in advance, finding the right internal experts to create, launch and manage programs can be extremely challenging if you want to launch quickly. However, it is possible for colleges and universities to get the results they want when they choose a partner who executes as quickly and concisely as is needed to get more students engaged with learning today.

Amesite is a true Partner to colleges and universities interested in perfecting their tech-accessible learning opportunities – and launches fully-branded services in 24 hours. Explore how Amesite created Wayne State University’s scalable Warrior TechSource program. We work seamlessly with your educational targets and bring dynamic expertise to the table that allows you to provide your students with the highest quality eLearning options. Contact us today for more information or get a demonstration of our solutions to learn how we can help your institution thrive in this new digital age.




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