How University Leaders Can Leverage Industrial Partnerships to Deliver Professional Learning that Generates Revenue
December 16, 2022

The university of the future is one that is not just a hub for education and learning but also an active contributor to the local or regional economy. Through creating and delivering specialized training programs, universities can become prestige centers for corporate education and training. This blueprint for change is a call for institutions to unlock their potential to make meaningful contributions that generate true value beyond this semester's budget.

1. Your university already has industrial relationships that can be better leveraged – with the right offerings.

Research carried out by Scorpus reveals that there has been a more than 10% increase in the number of research papers co-authored by universities and their industry partners, indicating that industry and academia are now more closely aligned than ever before [1]. In this ever-changing world where knowledge has become the currency of progress, universities are well-positioned to take an active role in the professional learning landscape. Universities are very adept at pinpointing difficult issues that need solving and coming up with innovative approaches and solutions; meanwhile, industrial companies have the expertise to commercialize those findings to bring them into mainstream use.

2. Universities need to be agile in creating high-impact offerings that utilize material that is current, useful and deployable.

Universities already know how to structure online learning programs that are engaging and effective. Recent research undertaken by Bay Atlantic University shows that 60% of students reported that online learning had improved their soft skills (communication, critical thinking, problem-solving) more than traditional learning [2]. And when you factor in findings from the Research Institute of America that indicate learning retention rates increase by 25% to 60% via online learning, it's clear that universities are ideally positioned to help companies deliver relevant and effective professional learning.

3. Partnering to deliver learning enables universities to leverage the benefits of SaaS.

By taking advantage of the scalability, flexibility, and affordability of Software-as-a-Service platforms, universities can allow for rapid design and deployment of customized learning programs. The modern business world is built on the idea of agility and scalability, and this has given prominence to cloud-based software as a service (SaaS). Recent data reveals that SaaS use can give businesses an unexpected edge with 86% reporting experiencing higher employee engagement [3]. What makes SaaS so attractive to buyers is its emphasis on data security, trustworthiness, value per price paid, availability and ease of use - all of which promise to help take companies to new heights with faster development of new capabilities by up to 40% [3].

For university leaders today, the key to leveraging industry partnerships and delivering professional learning is through an agile approach that takes advantage of the many benefits of SaaS.

Final thoughts

To begin leveraging these relationships and unlock new sources of revenue, universities must first establish clear goals and develop a model for their partnership with industry. This might include reviewing your current strategic partnerships and looking for opportunities to expand into new areas. By leveraging your university's existing industrial partnerships, you can help to create a more robust and sustainable educational ecosystem. This can not only generate revenue for your institution but also provide valuable professional learning opportunities for your students and faculty.

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