How Foundations Can Best Support University-Offered Adult Learning in 2023
December 16, 2022

Foundations support the U.S. education system, making it possible for more students to receive a quality education. Having support from foundations makes the education system what it is today, and new opportunities are always being presented.

Foundation leaders are constantly striving to offer the most to the education system, and that means being able to identify programs that maximize ROI and offer beneficial impacts for learners. With the educational shift toward digital resources, online learning is a prominent area of potential advancement. In this article, we will explore how foundations can support adult learning in 2023 using digital platforms.

1. Foundation Support for U.S. Education is Important at All Levels

The education system is a machine that requires a lot of support to keep running, and foundations play a key role in this process. Foundations are known to support the U.S. education system across all levels, particularly by using grants.

Foundation grants offer financial support in circumstances that are designed to provide students with a better opportunity to succeed. Recent studies have demonstrated that grant-giving from foundations is happening at a growing rate, with giving being higher in recent years [1].

Roughly 14% of all grants are purely education-based [1]. These grants change lives, offering students a chance to receive more. Now, foundations have the ability to support adult learners and alumni through university-offered adult learning opportunities.

2. Scaling Programs that Work Requires Software Investments

The key to effective scaling is through the use of technology, and we are seeing this across every industry. Investments must be made in software solutions to further advance and grow the education system—and the numbers show this. Already, EdTech is valued at $254 billion [2].

When asked, 70% of colleges revealed that they expect to launch one or more online undergraduate programs in the next three years due to demand [3]. College students and adult learners alike are interested in online education and its benefits. 80% of students revealed that online education actually helped them to improve their grades, demonstrating its overall effectiveness [4]. With technology solutions, universities can reach more learners and scale with ease.

3. Grants Offering Free Learning Work if They Are in the Hands of Professionals

Education grants can be used in many different ways, but offering free learning through online platforms can go a long way. When universities partner with effective SaaS teams, they can see a huge ROI in both sales of additional offerings and interest from students.

76% of employees shared that they are more likely to stay with an employer that offers upskilling opportunities, and digital learning is the most popular corporate skill-building strategy [5, 6]. Adults are looking for these opportunities, and universities can give them the freedom to skill up without being tied to one employer. Universities can support their education well after they leave.

The Takeaway

Foundation grants can help universities to redefine the future of education for students and alumni. With the right technology partner – scaling and sharing programs is easy.

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