Get Ready for 2023: Top Organizational Trends and How to Prepare
December 17, 2022

Even before the global pandemic, the rate of technological advancements was changing the nature of work across the United States. As we approach the new year, preparing for workplace trends is essential. In order to maximize overall success, you’ll need to prepare your organization for what is to come in 2023.

1. Workplaces will continue to prioritize distributed work and diverse talent.

Remote work has several advantages when it comes to hiring diverse talent. One advantage is that it allows companies to expand their hiring pool beyond their immediate geographic area.

This can lead to a more diverse candidate pool, as it allows companies to consider candidates from a wider range of backgrounds and experiences. Additionally, remote work can make it easier for individuals with disabilities or those who have caregiving responsibilities to participate in the workforce. It can also allow individuals from underrepresented groups to balance work and other responsibilities more easily, as they may not have to worry about commuting or relocating for a job.

Nearly 75% of all professionals now expect remote, hybrid, or distributed teams to be a standard practice in the organizations they operate and workers from around the globe have embraced the power, flexibility, and stress-free reality of working from home and are not likely to give it up anytime soon [1]. That is good news for you. Research shows that distributed workforces boost your productivity by an average of 13%, offering you higher ROI for the change in operations [2].

2. Technology trends continue to change rapidly – and your organization needs to be able to adapt.

For your organization to remain competitive, it is critical to focus on upskilling and reskilling employees to ensure your workforce has the knowledge and skills necessary to keep up with technological advancements. Adaptations of disrupting technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Cloud Computing, and Immersive Reality have great potential to increase productivity and reduce costs. For example, ML potentially reduces resource use across sectors by 30 – 40% in the first year with improved automation [3].

Organizations must invest in training programs and provide opportunities for employees to learn new technologies and stay current in their fields. By staying ahead of the curve and continuously learning, organizations can position themselves as leaders in their industries and attract top talent.

3. Durable ("Soft") skills continue to rise in importance – and for a good reason.

The last trend to consider is the importance of soft skills in professional settings. Roughly 85% of job success comes from having soft skills [4]. These are the interpersonal skills that are needed to achieve success beyond knowing computer code, how to run equipment, or organizing a billing account.

These skills are considered "durable" because they are not specific to a particular job or industry and can be applied in a variety of settings. For example, good communication skills can help individuals effectively navigate relationships with coworkers and clients, while problem-solving skills can help them tackle challenges and find creative solutions. Overall, developing strong soft skills can have a positive impact on an individual's career, overall well-being and, ultimately the success of your organization.

How Amesite is Helping Organizations Prepare for 2023

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