Essential Elements for Driving Enrollment at Your University
December 3, 2021

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Universities are facing a disruption crisis. Historically, colleges dedicated less than 5% of their overall budget to IT [1]. When unprecedented times halted traditional in-person learning, the technology universities relied on was not sufficient to accommodate the surge in online learning. Before the pandemic, two-thirds of college students attended traditional in-person lectures [2]. Distance learning was reserved for busy professionals looking to move up the employment ladder or time-crunched parents looking to finish an already-begun degree. The average age of the online learner pre-pandemic was 34 years old [3]. Neither in-person students nor universities were prepared for virtual learning. Online learning exposed a lack of IT abilities for universities, and many were vulnerable to an exodus of students in the following semesters. 

To bridge the gap between in-person lectures and virtual learning, investing in EdTech (education technology) is essential. “The first half of 2020 was the second-largest half-year for global EdTech investment – at $4.5 billion [2]. As higher education adapts to EdTech solutions, both universities and students reap the benefits. It was found that students who learn online retain 25-60% of the information, compared to less than 10% in the classroom [4]. Additionally, students learn faster online, with the average student needing 40-60% less time to learn content online compared to the classroom [4]. This provides students with more time for additional courses, certificate programs, and work. Holding off on implementing an EdTech solution will cost your university student enrollment. 

Universities are Overdue for a Tech Transformation 

The world is rapidly changing, and education must follow suit. Currently, 34% of students believe their school is not preparing them for success in the job market [5]. This outlook on education is affecting enrollment. In the spring of 2021, universities saw the largest decrease in enrollment since 2011, a decline of 3.5% [6]. However, universities with 90% of their students online saw a 7.1% increase in enrollment. Universities have a new and unique opportunity to provide lifelong learning opportunities using EdTech. In the past, education completed in a traditional university setting was the starting point to open new doors, but a single degree is no longer relevant for an entire lifetime. The fast-paced world requires continuous learning, and workers must evolve to stay relevant. 

Leveraging EdTech will provide opportunities to reach untapped markets, expand globally, and offer up-to-date course material to students. Learners want the most relevant information that will prepare them for the workforce. With EdTech, education no longer centers on degrees but rather pulls degrees apart and creates micro-credentials. These micro-credentials will capture enrollment for both undergraduate and graduate students. As the world continues to advance, learners can continually upskill without having to put their life on pause to attend in-person lectures.  

When selecting an EdTech learning provider, look for these essential elements: 

1. Engagement: Online learning shouldn’t sacrifice student engagement. Your EdTech solution should create a Learning Community Environment®(LCE)SM that drives engagement for students. Look for an EdTech partner that has over 90% retention rate. Amesite has delivered over 98% retention for our customers! 

2. Relevance: Students should never feel like their education is irrelevant. An EdTech solution that uses AI to deliver on-demand, customized content that’s always up to date is essential. Amesite's customers get built-in AI capability for every learning program they deliver. 

3. Ease of Use: Learning should not be overcomplicated. With a large, diverse group of learners, your programs must be accessible, intuitive, and simple. Amesite’s customers get platforms that are turnkey, simple to use, and scalable out of the box! 

4. 24 Hour Launch: Your EdTech solution shouldn’t take months or even years to develop. Look for an EdTech provider who can deliver relevant and high-quality professional online programs quickly. Amesite delivers complete, branded, platforms for customers in less than 24 hours.   

5. Robust and Reliable Platform: Every organization needs digital platforms that work 24/7, and are worry-free. Amesite is the best-in-class EdTech provider. We offer unmatched ease of use and scaling – with no infrastructure or instructor training required. 

Amesite is a high-tech, AI-enabled online learning platform that creates custom-branded learning environments with content curated by experts in the industry that follow best practices, meeting your university's unique needs. Amesite offers turnkey, intuitive certificate programs and micro-courses that require no training to use.  Amesite has an outstanding and industry-leading 100% retention rate across its educational programs. 

Partner with Amesite to drive revenue for your institution while providing your alumni with excellent resources for education and upskilling. Request a Demo!    

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