Effective eLearning for On-the-Go Employees
July 21, 2022

The world of employment includes a much higher degree of flexibility than it did in past decades. People work from home, travel around the world, and switch offices with ease due to the omnipresence of Internet access and virtual communication. This has led to a rise in eLearning opportunities for worker upskilling and reskilling. If you represent a company that needs a more effective onboarding, training, or certification process, make sure you have the right tech to support on-demand education.

On-the-go employees and the organizations they work for need more than a basic online class adjacent to in-house training. Today, SaaS systems dedicated to education provide enticing design, digital twins, and accessible results tracking that makes them more usable and enticing than ever before.

1. Learners Need Ready Access to Outstanding Material

Whether education takes place in person, online, or a hybrid of the two options, learners only thrive and reach training goals with exceptional materials and the opportunity to engage with their peers. The days of sitting in a large room and listening to a lecture are in the past. Today’s understanding of learning styles demonstrates the necessity for a well-designed online experience. Over 40% of students polled by Education Data stated that high-quality digital material usage produces results that far exceeded the outcomes provided by in-class learning alone [1].

2. Access to Digital Twin Learning Options Needed

The benefits do not depend solely on a combination of in-person and online learning, however. While the quality of materials matters, it is also vital that each part of the class has a digital twin that presents the same content in a more accessible way. Before 2020, 62% of organizations that used IoT systems also integrated digital twins [2]. The numbers have only grown since then including in the field of employee training. People learn in all different ways. Providing the same complete options for everyone maximizes the results.

3. L&D Teams Need One-Stop Tracking for Courses

As much as learners need access to diverse and user-friendly educational materials, so do the learning and development teams. Productivity and profitability depend on being able to access all courses and the analytics in one simple interface. SaaS use leads to productivity boosts as reported by 81% of organizations in a 2021 study [3]. This only happens if the employees in need of training make use of the system. The L & D professionals can only ensure the expected improvements happen if they can access all coursework outcomes quickly and easily. When it comes to eLearning – accessibility, content, design, and ease of use all matter.

Amesite offers easy-to-use eLearning solutions that provide accessible education to employees and other professionals across all industries and interests. Just as we developed the Michigan Works! Southeast eLearning Connector Learning Community Environment for workforce training across that state, we can also bring you opportunities to your organization. Contact us today or request a demo to learn more about our expert eLearning tech options.




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