Digital Engagement for Museum Patrons: from Summer to Fall!
August 25, 2022

The busy summer period is wrapping up, and Museums are gearing up for an even busier school year packed with visits from students and families. Engaging patrons digitally through technology to enhance learning and excitement during and after visits is essential. Be ready to manage engagement better with easy-to-implement, out-of-the-box digital tools from a Partner you can trust.

1. Seasonality is real and maintaining a high engagement level can be hard without the right tools.

Capturing the attention of visitors and guests can be a challenge during the busy season. With the right strategy and partnerships, digital tools can provide a resource that allows users to engage with museum collections and experience stories like never before! Visitors want to be able to use learning tools and access features from anywhere at any time, during and after their visit. With scalability and cloud-supported infrastructure, users can easily engage and easily access any exhibit, learning activity or special offering.

Managing content, courses, and features that match what patrons desire in their museum visits can be challenging. Every person has unique interests, and how they interact with digital modules can vary. With the help of enhanced digital tools, museums can use data, analytics, and user feedback to curate content users want. Leaders in a recent study reported that digital transformation improved operational efficiencies by 40 percent and increased the organization's ability to satisfy customer expectations by 35 percent [1]. Adapting and adjusting courses and learning content can increase visitor numbers and engagement levels while improving the overall experience.

2. Digital engagement in busy periods is essential.

Beyond providing learning and content, digital tools offer features that enhance and enrich the entire museum experience. SaaS applications are kept up to date with enhancing features and data provided by the museums that are easy to access and provide real-time updates for visitors and employees alike.

Guests, patrons, and visitors can be reminded of events and the ability to see JUST IN TIME current offerings and read about what their peers are saying and doing! The easy-to-use tools usually require an internet connection, and they get the opportunity to access a wealth of features that can engage and direct them as they move through the museum. In fact, as of September 2021 there was a 31 percent increase in people who visited an exhibit-based organization’s website since 2019 [2]. The convenience of utilizing a platform for engagement can save time and effort for museum employees as they navigate the busy season, reducing stress all around.

3. Choosing an experienced Partner for your digitalization needs is essential.

Creating a digital landscape for learning and engagement can be a time-consuming and technical process. Many organizations don’t have the time, resources, or funds to be able to build a platform from top to bottom and would pull essential personnel away from managing the core strengths of the business.

Working with a premier SaaS partner, organizations can benefit from the functionality, scalability, and high-quality service without compromising on experience for visitors at an affordable rate. Software as a Service can provide immense value and save organizations time, money, and resources allowing them to focus on other important aspects of running their business. A 2020 study reported that organizations waste 2x as many resources on orphaned and duplicated SaaS subscriptions annually [3]. Engaging with a Partner who works closely with your teams ensures appropriate allocation and deployment of precious resources.

Amesite makes managing seasonality seamless and brings all of the new, exciting happenings at your museum directly to your Patrons: instantly!

Learn more about the benefits of partnering with Amesite and how Amesite is transforming the digital experience within Conner Prairie.




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