A Look at Different Digital Learning Approaches
June 25, 2021

Digital learning has become a trending topic over the last year. Not only does it make education accessible worldwide, but it also is a very effective way to learn and to teach. Teaching online demands different techniques than traditional on-site education.  

Some approaches to teaching online include Online Collaborative Learning (OCL), Connectivism, Cybergogy, and Heutagogy.  

Online Collaborative Learning is an approach where students learn through online discussions. The engagement is facilitated by an instructor and encourages collaborative problem-solving. In this approach, students brainstorm, compare, analyze and synthesize their ideas in a collaborative group context [1]. Using discussions to drive interest and engagement is an important learning strategy. Engagement is one of the most important aspects of education and retaining knowledge, so an approach that revolves around engaging students in collaborative problem-solving is very effective.  

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Connectivism is an approach that is referred to as a learning theory for the digital age. Connectivism is based on forming connections during education between previous knowledge and new knowledge. This approach relies on students to be aware of the gaps in their knowledge and address them. In connectivism, students connect knowledge and ideas, independently seek understanding via the internet or other resources, and connect and share knowledge with other students via technology [2]. This independent learning style is great for self-motivated students with a desire to explore different fields. It is paired well with access to technology and a developed ability to research. 

Cybergogy is an approach that intrinsically connects to its namesake, “cyber,” or the internet, and focuses on helping students learn effectively in a virtual environment. This approach relies on learners to construct and internalize knowledge, then sustain it through a social process. A main tenant of this approach is that knowledge and social interaction are inseparable and lead to enhanced collaboration and increased learning outcomes. This approach is very suitable for online learning because it works well for self-directed learners [3]. 

Heutogogy is another self-directed learning approach, but its significant difference is that it gives students the power to determine what they learn. This is a great online learning approach because of the information-rich world we live in. Studies are pursued due to interest and need. In this approach, the educator is more of a coach and encourages students to pursue and excel in topics they are passionate about. This is an approach that would tie well with micro-courses or certifications [4]. 

These four online learning approaches introduce flexibility in the learning process and are excellent for an online format where self-direction and motivation are important. Other key aspects of these approaches are the significance of engagement and interest in the information students are learning. Online learning can result in excellent learning outcomes and is a great way to offer alumni and current students additional options on top of traditional in-person learning.  

How Can Your University Launch an Online Learning Platform Easily and Quickly?  

There are many different ways to approach teaching online classes. These examples are those which have gotten attention in the last decade. The beauty of online education is in its flexibility for the learner as well as the teacher and school. Delivering online classes is a different story. The superior way to deliver online classes to your university easily and quickly is to partner with an online learning platform and course provider.  

When deciding which company to partner with, it is important that their online learning platform has these key features to serve your university best:   

  • Custom branded platform
  • Custom and relevant content 
  • Turnkey platform and programs that require no training to start 
  • Fully managed, requiring no IT or admin staff to implement 
  • Easily scalable and globally accessible 
  • Efficiency in all systems using AI and advanced technology 
  • An intuitive design that increases engagement, attracts learners, and builds community 
  • Flexible and capable of supporting many online revenue streams 
  • A value proposition that sets you apart from your competitors  

Amesite Offers a Single, Easy to Use, Scalable Solution  

Launch an online learning platform to increase enrollment rates and add additional revenue streams.  

Amesite delivers a high-tech AI-enabled online learning platform, creates scalable, custom-branded learning environments, and curates content using experts in the industry that follow best practices, meeting your university's unique needs. A host of self-paced, highly engaging, and intuitive courses can be ready for your university in as little as 30 days.  

Amesite can provide your university with numerous revenue streams using turnkey, intuitive micro-credentials, summer camps, and alumni upskilling programs, as well as traditional online course curriculums. All of which require no training to use and allow your university to take full advantage of the immediate needs that these programs satisfy. Amesite is a budget-conscious choice because the is no investment in IT staff or training required to use the platform.    

Amesite's system uses established social media formats to help learners access the content in a familiar setting. These mechanisms streamline the learning process. Amesite's platform also gives users the experience of learning with a community, a valuable addition to the online education experience. Engaging features like video chat and live streaming connect instructors and other students virtually to enhance and solidify learning.  Amesite has an outstanding and industry-leading 98% retention rate.    

A partnership with Amesite is an investment into your university's future. Request a Demo!    

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