3 Ways Universities can Ensure that their Professional Learning is Fresh
May 17, 2022

Universities need to make sure the learning they are offering is fresh and relevant for professionals looking to remain relevant in the workforce and in their industry. Education geared toward upskilling is different from the traditional teaching for undergraduate or graduate students. It’s estimated that by 2030, “6 million skilled jobs could go unfilled due to a lack of qualified talent” [1]. Universities can offer courses for the most in-demand skills with certificates, micro-credentials, and other short-term programs. Using the following three ways will ensure that the professional learning you offer is fresh and relevant to the professionals of today and tomorrow. 

1. Use AI

AI is everywhere and has grown 270% over the past four years [2]. Not only does that have implications in the tech and business world, but in education as well. If your institution is not using AI, be assured that other institutions are. While we are far from AI completely taking over complex tasks, aspects such as AI grading “does it better, more quickly, and probably makes fewer errors than humans” [3]. As your online presence grows, aspects such as grading can become too large a task for instructors. AI also allows instructors to see where students are becoming confused, as well as give immediate feedback on teaching. Creating an individualized learning experience for students based on their answers is also beneficial to learners. The opportunities that AI affords universities are greater than the teaching and learning experiences of the past.  

2. Partner with a Knowledgeable Company

While AI can be an asset to any institution of higher learning, it is crucial to find the right partner. Many people may think AI is smarter than humans, but rather the technology is a mirror and shows a sometimes-exaggerated reflection [3]. Partner with a company that is knowledgeable and understands how your mission can be met with the right technology. “77% of partners say they have more choices when it comes to providers than they had three years ago” [4]. Your partner should have the ability to strategize and implement the many different learning programs you have envisioned for your institution while keeping your goals and values front and center.

3. Use Technology That Integrates Canonical (Fundamental) Content, News & Events

Creating content for the professional student can seem daunting, but there is no need to build your courses from scratch (unless you desire to do so). Universities have a multitude of resources, and with a little thoughtful design, it is possible to repackage existing courses. With fundamental information at the core of courses, supplementing with current news and events allows learners to be actively engaged. In a test run by Harvard University of passive learning (lectures) vs. active learning (students being involved in the learning process), students averaged a .1 increase (with 1 being the maximum score) improvement when actively learning [5]. Keeping courses fresh with relevant content while still remaining true to the core teachings of a class is vital and easily doable.

Wayne State University sought out a platform that would advance and equip professionals to learn critical skills in new and evolving technologies. In partnership with Amesite, they were able to create a customized Learning Community Environment ™ (LCE™). This holistic platform provides courses that are fully online and on-demand with live instructors. 85% of learners reported their online learning experience was better or equally satisfactory to in-person environments, as well as had increased learning retention of 25%-60% [6]. It is clear that providing an online learning environment to assist professionals in upskilling is important in the future of business and education. Courses contain the latest findings on every topic offered to enable busy professionals to stay relevant in their fields. Wayne State University reported in “working with Amesite, we had nearly 100% retention in our programs. That’s not an accident” [7].  

Amesite uses AI, acts as a partner valuing your goals, and uses best-in-class to deliver the technology your institution needs to provide valuable education for professional students.