3 Ways to Succeed in Onboarding Your People with eLearning
June 30, 2022

Onboarding new talent has always been an essential part of employment for companies and organizations both large and small. As eLearning becomes the preferred method of these training efforts, a portal to promote the social aspect of the system is essential. Peer-to-peer learning opportunities and both professional and social bonds increase the chance of retention. A high rate of turnover in any company leads to a waste of time and money. A quality eLearning system works for new workers as well as it does for established ones.

In fact, the term onboarding has transformed to everboarding as a way to demonstrate the importance of keeping employees engaged, committed, and educated about today’s changing needs in your industry.

1. Turnover Equals Disaster – Retention Offers Amazing Advantages

Unsatisfied employees on the hunt for a more rewarding or comfortable career can cost an organization millions of dollars. Even before the pandemic affected employment rates, turnover topped 26%, and things have only gotten worse since then [1].  Not only does the company need to spend at least as much as the employee’s salary to onboard a new worker, but they also need to take the time to onboard and train them properly.

The same Gallup poll that revealed the above statistic also reported that 51% of employees who left one job said that management never spoke with them about their career goals or job satisfaction. Retaining valuable employees takes more than a conversation, however. With integrated and interactive eLearning options, workers will remain engaged and on the job.

2. Peer Interaction Is a Key to Employee Engagement

It takes more than interested management and robust training tech options to retain employees and keep them engaged with their job and the company. Peer to peer interaction and recognition enhances the entire experience of working in a particular organization. People who have friends at work are much less likely to look elsewhere for career opportunities. The National Business Research Institute found that 56% of people who report a best friend at work are engaged as opposed to only 8% who did not have that personal connection [2].

However, it takes more than a friendly water cooler chat, to truly foster the type of loyalty that leads to long-term talent retention. When people learn from each other in a mutually supportive environment, onboarding and later training with eLearning systems only become more effective.

3. Social Style Platforms Offer Essential Work Engagement Opportunities

Digital engagement matters in workplace and educational communities because it provides both a social sense of belonging and an opportunity to help each other gain new skills, explore ideas, and support each other efficiently. The importance of ongoing feedback cannot be understated with 89% of human resource professionals claiming it is a requirement for retention [3]. The very best eLearning platforms not only deliver information and processes effectively to workers, but also support the need for peer interaction in a way that improves job satisfaction and decreases the risk of higher turnover rates.

Improve onboarding and employee engagement with social style platforms and possibilities offered by Amesite’s LCESM. The Michigan Works! Southeast system offers an impressive demonstration of the power of improved community engagement in the realm of workforce training [4]. Reap similar benefits in your organization by contacting Amesite for help with eLearning solutions for current and future employees.





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