3 Ways to Grow eLearning Programs
February 18, 2022

Woman working in front of a laptop and writing on a notebook.

The pandemic created an urgent need to move in-person learning virtual. The problem was that universities were not prepared. This became apparent as the average aggregate revenue declined 14% across 2020 and 2021. Universities quickly had to make a change. Now, 71% of of schools provide online courses because that is what their students want [1]. 

One way to combat the decline in revenue and enrollment is to grow your online alumni learning programs. Alumni need learning more than ever. 79% of CEOs are concerned about employees’ lack of essential skills [2].  Earn the title of an institution of distinction by offering micro-course programs on in-demand topics that professionals need right now. Professionals need these offerings to advance in their careers and support transforming industries. The demand for professional programs is high. The supply is low. The fact that this large demographic of professionals needing upskilling is underserved provides an opportunity for universities. 

1. Pick the Right EdTech

It is essential to source partners that are both best-in-class and industry leaders. The technology your partner delivers should enable your university to accomplish goals that you couldn’t - on your own. Make sure that your technology platform demonstrates outstanding outcomes – remember that without high retention, your programs cannot be successful or generate revenue.  

Good technology is easier to use, not harder to use. Keep in mind that the most advanced software technology results in smoother experiences – think Netflix, not Blockbuster! Long installation and training times, and the necessity of internal hiring to run your platform are red flags. 

2. Provide Alumni eLearning 

Universities often undervalue the alumni learning market.  Alumni are often viewed narrowly as donors and ticket purchasers for sports events; however, additional revenue streams can be established from the alumni market. After graduation, education does not stop. There is a lifelong learning journey that students follow well past their status change to alumni.  

Statistics don’t lie – digitalization is creating new jobs and new functionalities. Industry 4.0 is here now, and employees must keep up their skills. Your university must compete to become the trusted provider that your alumni need, by being a source of programs that enable them to keep up with these changes. 

3. Utilize a Strategic Relationship

Selecting an eLearning partner that is aligned with your university’s objectives and prioritizes your relationship is essential. At Amesite, we function as a partner by helping you advance your mission and achieve greater impact. We provide our partners with an easy-to-use customized eLearning system that meets the unique needs of your students as you grow. 

Amesite is your partner! Here’s what we provide universities: 

  • World’s most advanced EdTech 
  • Custom content for alumni learning programs 
  • Strategic relationship 
  • 24h setup 
  • Unparalleled ease of use

Partner with Amesite to drive revenue for your institution while providing your alumni with excellent resources for education and upskilling.