3 Steps to Preparing Your Workforce for Digitalization in Media
March 8, 2022

In a digitized global economy, remaining competitive, relevant, and essential is crucial in creating a long-lasting presence in today’s markets. Digitized content appeals to many content consumers due to immediate availability and convenience. Approximately 86% of adults in the United States access news regularly from their smartphone, tablet, or computer, with 60% of U.S. adults reporting to access digital information and media “often” [1]. To promote continued digital relevancy and online presence, there are three key strategies to employee development for a more significant ROI:

1. Watch the Trends

Younger consumers aged 18 to 49 report using a smartphone or tablet to access digital media at 67-71%, with the remaining 29-37% of media consumption being a combination of TV, radio, and print publications [1]. Print advertising declined at nearly 25% over a year, digital advertising grew 55% from 2019 to 2020, with an estimated $152 billion in revenue [2]. Advertisers and digital media companies target age groups that span three generations, who are also the targeted employees in this sector, with nearly 20,000 employees working for digital media corporations [2].  

Motivating your workforce to upskill by providing relevant, streamlined, and efficient employee development is essential to keeping up with the digitized media statistics:  

  • Monthly unique visitors for news outlets in 2020 Q4 averaged over 32 million [2] 
  • Advertising revenue for newsprint declined 62% over ten years; employment dropped nearly 47% [3] 
  • Over $50 billion in advertising revenue in 2020 was generated through consumers’ accessing content on mobile devices [2] 
  • Declining revenue caused roughly 33% of U.S. newspapers to layoff staff in 2020 [4] 

2. eLearning Strategies that Empower Employees 

Upskilling adjusts to evolving digital markets, empowering employees through digital eLearning promotes collaboration efficiency and eliminates monotony and mundane tasks [5]. Training employees to create digitized content that is engaging for maximum ROI requires eLearning tools that are cutting edge; employees are more engaged and willing to participate in professional development that promotes feelings of accomplishment and productivity [5]. L&D teams that recognize employee turnover is detrimental to organizational bottom line have noticed a 50% improved retention rate when implementing layered, modernized upskilling development opportunities [6]. 

3. Employee-Centric eLearning for Employee-Driven Solutions 

Outdated, top-down problem-solving management styles are not employee-centric and prohibit the knowledge-driven, digitized workforce. The World Economic Forum stated in 2020 that by 2022, 54% of the workforce would need significant upskilling, and employees want advanced digital skills to close collaborative gaps in the workplace [7]. Employees who take ownership of their work also want professional development that promotes collaboration and innovation, with eLearning individualized to boost employees’ strengths and foster a culture of employee-driven solutions through creativity and empowering autonomy with solution implementation [5].

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