3 Reasons Your Brand Cannot Afford to Be Ordinary on the Internet
April 25, 2022

As society has adapted to greater degrees of digitalization and increased global online presence, digital branding is more important. Ensuring your online branding represents state-of-the-art and cutting-edge experiences are crucial in gaining attention and increasing return on investment. Your digital presence must not only attract new users but retain as many visitors as possible to maintain relevancy in a competitive global online market. 

1. Your Digital Brand Is YOU 

Digital branding is more important now than ever before and is crucial for nearly all sectors and services. Businesses, museums, and education providers compete for global talent and consumers who no longer have to overcome physical locations to access content and services. Online presence is so crucial that 76% of consumers will look at an organization’s online presence before engaging further with that organization [1]. With 85% of consumers using the internet to research goods and services before purchasing [2], your online digital presence must be clean, professional, and engaging. Dull, weak, or sloppy digitization of your goods and services will give that impression of your brand. Loyalty and retention are significant components of seeing a higher ROI, and the customer experience drives over 60% of brand loyalty [3].  

2. Your Digital Products and Experiences Reflect Your Brand 

Websites and initial digital encounters are not the only key contributor to your digital presence. Your reputation as a provider or employer is also a component of your online presence. With nearly 4 million Google searches annually, you want to rise to the top, building credibility and managing your reputation [2]. Your online brand is married to your reputation, and with 88% of consumers trusting online reviews before advertising, investing in your online brand is incredibly important [3]. Companies that focus on investing in the customer experience, which includes building their digital presence, experience an 80% increase in revenue and experience 1.5 times as many engaged employees as companies that do not focus on the user experience and digital presence [3]. Your digital presence investment builds your reputation for your products or services and your reputation as an engaging, employee-centered employer.    

3. Getting a Partner to Deliver an Ecosystem Gives You the Best of All Worlds – Especially in Learning 

Organizations cannot take on the evolving digital landscape without partnering with experts in white-label SaaS and AI advancements. As soon as 2025, AI could power as much as 95% of digitalized customer interactions [3]. In 2018, martech experienced a 30% growth in spending by organizations, and in 2020, 77% of marketing professionals used a martech tool for their organization [4]. Organizations experience the benefit of having SEO optimization and automation services. Partnering with white label SaaS providers provides a scalable, efficient branding process without draining the organizational infrastructure. White-label SaaS providers also offer a complete digital ecosystem with AI-enhanced learning analytics and a comprehensive learning management system. Wayne State University deployed Warrior TechSource, which yielded a near 100% retention rate in their programs. Their partnership provided advanced digital branding and SEO optimization for a more significant online presence. Still, they also provided students with a state-of-the-art learning experience that improved teaching efficiencies for faculty. 

Partnering with Amesite provides you with the ease of building your online presence while integrating crucial components of a complete digital ecosystem to meet all your organizational needs. Amesite provides scalable digitalized solutions with 24/7 technical support. With Amesite you will experience:  

  • AI-enhanced capabilities for advanced analytics 
  • Efficient and quick deployment in as fast as 24 hours 
  • Quick ROI with improved retention through an engaging, user-centered experience 


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