3 Keys to Making Employee Learning Workable for L&D Teams
May 24, 2022

Training your employees is critical, which means your L&D team needs the right tools and processes to deliver it effectively. With 58% of employees preferring to learn at their own pace, helping your workforce receive the training they need in the way they want can give everyone the best of all worlds [1]. No longer is it enough just to have great programs. Rather, great programs need to be executable, scalable, and trackable.

1. Make sure you have a partner that can offer you flexible solutions

You may have stellar materials that are effective and fit the needs of your organization. There may be third-party materials already created that meet your needs, or you may ask for your partner to create individual materials for you. Having a partner who understands the science of learning and the importance of having a variety of learning options to address the needs of visual, auditory, reading & writing, and kinesthetic learners can address the fact that 61% of students have multimodal preferences when it comes to learning [2]. With many different resources available to you, you can easily address the needs of your organization in a variety of ways.

2. Select a platform that works out of the box and scales

When you are looking for a training system that works best for your group, you don’t want something that requires you to have a computer science degree to work it. Your software platform needs to be institutive and easy to use, both for back-end and front-end users. Successful eLearning can be a powerful tool by “enabling students to learn five times more material for every hour of training” [3]. Your training materials need to be available and easy to work with. Your platform needs to work for you, not make you work for it. eLearning has the potential to increase employee engagement by up to 18%, and a seamless learning platform is the key to helping engage your workforce [4].

3. Work with expert partners who understand your goals and key outcomes of learning

When you choose to work with the best, you can expect the best outcomes possible. You are more than just training employees, you are aligning your goals to your mission and when your partner truly understands your objectives, success is at your fingertips! The most successful partners give you access to

a. The most advanced technologies to train and track data which in turn, make for a better learning experience

b. A portfolio of courses and the ability to engage expert trainers

c. The tools and resources for course creation [5]

Wayne State University was looking for a way to provide training and upward movement in the field of in-demand engineering topics such as electric vehicles, autonomous vehicles, and Internet of Things (IoT) to help their alumni and professionals stay relevant in their fields. Wayne State partnered with Amesite to create fully online and on-demand courses with live instructors. Amesite was able to develop courses approved by the expert faculty at Wayne State. They delivered an advanced and turnkey platform branded and customized to the needs of Wayne State learners by studying the market and identifying the topics that are in high demand [6]. Together with subject matter experts, design professionals, and top-of-the-line AI technology, Amesite created materials with unparalleled quality, speed, and efficiency—everything your organization needs to be the most successful it can be.

Amesite is a company with true learning know-how and partnered with best-in-class tech, a partner you can trust in training your most important assets—your people.