3 Essential Metrics for Your Learning Programs, and How to Report Them
May 3, 2022

Promoting engagement in eLearning programs can be more complex than in traditional in-person learning environments. Online learning platforms must support tracking learner engagement through easy-to-use, comprehensive dashboards and allow for flexibility and scalability for facilitators to assess the level of engagement, sentiment, and outcomes in their eLearning courses. Three essential metrics need to be considered and ways to report them. 

1. Engagement

Utilizing engagement strategies in e-learning and training programs is essential for learner retention and promoting learner success. Engagement produces more vital satisfaction with the learning experience and promotes better achievement in courses [1]. Learners who participate in eLearning report they are 2.5 times more likely to achieve excellent results when they are engaged, and they are 4.5 times more hopeful about the future [2]. Corporate eLearning training and development programs promote employee engagement by 18%, which results in increased productivity and greater return on investment [3]. Additionally, 90% of L&D professionals state that “engagement is the most important feature in a learning management system platform” [4].

2. Positivity

Attitude is evident in online learning and development programs. Projecting a positive attitude influences learning and academic achievement and promotes the function of the area of the brain that is responsible for memory [5]. Leveraging AI capabilities in an online learning platform provides high-level sentiment analysis for enhanced learner success. As much as 55.8% of users with an AI-enhanced sentiment analysis dashboard find it helpful to visualize learners' emotional state, and 75% believe that viewing learner emotions allows for better follow-up and engagement [6]. Learners report that as much as 47% feel a level of complete disengagement [2], and sentiment analysis tools can help facilitators decrease the engagement gap with positive, safe, and influential eLearning environments. 

3. Outcomes

Tracking learning outcomes is essential to ensure that eLearning provides value and meets educational goals. 85% of learners reported that their online learning experience was better or equally satisfactory to in-person environments and experienced increased learning retention rates by 25% - 60% [7]. Dashboards and AI capabilities help promote student experiences and engagement to ensure learning outcomes are being met [7]. Wayne State University implemented a Learning Community EnvironmentSM  that allows for dashboard reporting allowing for customized reporting, and can gauge learner sentiment and behavior to adjust the learner experience. The best way to track learner outcomes is through an integrated LMS feature, and 82% of L&D professionals believe the LMS reporting features are essential [4]. 

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